What We Do
Interior Design and Design Psychology

  • Commercial, Residential and Industrial Design!

  • Client consultations to ensure a creative, functional, and beautiful design plan that best matches the space and reflects your personality! 

  • Space planning; i.e., maximizing the layout and proper flow of space through floorplans, sections & elevations

  • Lighting and electrical designs in order to illuminate and highlight focal points or features! 

  • Mood boards and color/fabric swatches in order to get the feel of the space before proceeding (also achievable with a 3D Model or Render!)

  • Selection of furniture and custom made furnishings!

  • Budget development, refinement, and tracking

  • Project coordination to ensure that all items and works are executed as instructed

  • Green, eco- friendly and locally-made design options!

  • Partnering with specialists including lighting designers, civil engineers, architects, art consultants, professional organizers, relocation specialists etc. that bring ease to life's little stresses!

  • Content writing and brochure preparations!

  3D Modeling, Renders, VR (virtual reality) and Video Rendering:

  • Image renders and modeling in order to provide our clients a sneak peak of what the final outcome will 

       look like!​

  • Video montage of the property or space before or after construction!

  • VR (virtual reality) for our clients that wish to experience a 360 degree view and walkthrough of the space! It could be a space in the making or existing!


  *We also provide online services for the above services!*