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About Dezignal Decor

Dezignal decor is a Cyprus and London-based interior design and architectural firm with projects ranging from residential to commercial designs. We work with off-plan designs, online consultations, refurbishments and turn key designs. We are a team of qualified and creative people who have united and are determined to form timeless designs which positively impact your experience and lifestyle!


Georgina V. Pantelidou

Georgina is a creative who believes in evidence based design and well-being. With a BSc in Clinical Psychology from Richmond the American University a Diploma from KLC School of Design in London and a specialization in Design Psychology from one of the founders of the field Dr. Toby Israel, she established a professional holistic approach towards how she designs. In order to ensure that her clients receive an optimum quality of craftsmanship, furnishings, textiles, finishes and function so as the design can accommodate their lifestyle, well-being and positive growth that stand the test of time. Each design is unique and tailor made for you!


Georgina is best known for creating spaces that reflect her clients' personalities through the use of design psychology. Each project speaks to her client’s own interests, lifestyle, needs and style. She strives to create spaces of organicity, elegance and positivity. She prides herself on her attention to detail, obsession with quality and loves environmentally sound designs. 


Romylos Irodotou

Romylos is a visionary who is always ready to redefine and acclimate a design 

in order to suite the individual project's needs. With a degree from Leicester School

of Architecture in the UK,  a Masters in Architecture and over 9 years of work

experience in architectural design and visualization.

Romylos has strong passion for architecture and design, he utilizes different

design techniques, as well as 3D modeling and Animation, in order to successfully
communicate the design concepts to the client. With a strong background in

architecture and visualization he aims to revitalize the concepts of design and

provide an unforgettable creative experience for the client, population and


with a Masters of Architecture.

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